Why, more than ever, you should be a delegate at the 2018 Republican Party of Texas State Convention

Early voting is underway in Texas, which means Conventions are right around the corner. Conventions are where we get to decide our platform and leadership for the next two years. It is your moment to advocate for any changes, additions or revisions. The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas cannot stress the importance to our members of the Convention process and participating in it. In the coming weeks, you will all receive the resolutions we approved at our RLCTX Convention for any of you to carry forward through the process. This is your best chance to impact the party directly. As always, we welcome you to use as many or as few of these resolutions you wish to. In fact, perhaps draft and bring your own resolution to your local Convention.

If you’re new, we’re here to help! Included in that same package, are detailed instructions on how to become a delegate at each step along the way.   

Did you know that if you’re passionate about an issue or plank in the party, you should plan on attending the State Convention for the entire week (June 11 – June 16)? All of the committee work is done the first part of the week. If you have something you want to work on, be there, testify before committees, and make your voice heard.

Most important this year:  Did you know party officials are elected at Convention? It is paramount that you attend and vote for those who lead the Republican Party of Texas. This includes not only your local SREC Committee members, but also our State Party Chairman and Vice Chairman.

This Caucus has worked hard to become a coalition partner with the Republican Party of Texas. Achieving that, our voices became stronger, but it also came with great responsibility. We must show that the Liberty Movement Republicans are hard workers and dedicated to advancing Liberty within our party. That is impossible without participation.

This Caucus is impressed with our current Chairman, James Dickey. It has been years since we have seen a Chairman willing to let the body work within itself as it should. The grassroots have never been more empowered. Leadership is standing firm;  calling for adherence to our platform and Legislative Priorities from those who serve in government under our party label.

Of course, not everyone is happy when freedom and free exchange of ideas are allowed to occur. There is a significant movement within the establishment to remove the current Chairman. The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas stands firmly behind Chairman Dickey. We must continue the progress made in this last year. We cannot return to a time where only certain voices were considered important enough to be heard. We cannot return to the days when we had no voice in our party,  and were actively denied to even attempt to work with the party over the personal feelings of a very few. We cannot let down the SREC who boldly voted to allow us to become a partner. We cannot let down those who are more excited to participate in the grassroots than have been in years. We must shine a bright light of Liberty into our party. We must demand fairness and a working environment where all factions of our party are respected. Today, we have this. If we allow a win by the establishment and the removal of our current Chairman for one more favorable to what once was, our setback will be massive.

We urge all of you to please participate in the process this year. Sign up to be delegates. Push resolutions of Liberty through the Republican Party of Texas. And lastly, vote for and support  Chairman James Dickey.

Below is a link to let us know which of you plan to attend the Convention. Are you going to be a delegate? Let us know. What is your issue you want to work on at Convention? Let us know. And, most importantly, let us know if you will be supporting Chairman Dickey. We are building a strong coalition through many groups for this task.

Share this link with your family, your political friends, and on social media.  This is not just for our members.  It is for  all Republicans  involved so we may network, and see where we can work together to bring a large voice to the Republican Party of Texas.


Click below or copy and paste this URL into your browser: http://rlctexas.net/social-media/2018-rpt-state-convention-survey/

2018 RPT State Convention Survey




The 2018 Republican Party of Texas State Convention is being held in San Antonio , June 11 – June 16.

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