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I take certain things very seriously. I take my involvement in issues seriously. I take my roles that I have been elected to seriously. I do this from the RLCTX Chairmanship to the local Precinct Chairman position in my local Republican Party.

I ran for the Chairman of the RLCTX not only upon some members asking me to, but because nothing has been more important to me than the liberties of my fellow Texans and US citizens since my awakening from a mindless sheep among many in the public. The flavors in the Liberty Movement vary as much as the flavors of ice cream at a Baskin Robbins 31 flavors. But, we must remember, that while we have varying degrees of which direction we should take to defend liberty, no matter the differences in the proper role of government in all areas, we agree that goal should be limited. We generally agree a far off oppressive centralized government serves none of our issues, liberties, daily lives and families. Furthermore, the preservation of our liberties cannot be more dependent than cleaning up our own DC in Austin. A strong State government is something we should seek. Strong, in protections of liberty, that is. Not one of strength through State control. We believe in the right of self-determination. Our officials should believe this too. A Jeffersonian approach is my favorite label. But, call it Liberty-Minded, Libertarian, Constitutionalist or Conservative, it doesn’t matter. Government is a necessary evil and as such it must be restrained at all costs.

In doing this, I did promise to become a more effective and more organized, better structured organization that included official recognition by the state party. Not merely, the general understanding and privileges that we are thankful for in the past, but as an official auxiliary or coalition. I have addressed some things I am proud of and some I’d still like to improve in the RLCTX.  As I prepare to make this case officially in a few days, I have many thoughts and expressing them in writing does help me. Sometimes I share them, sometimes I don’t.  

Is the RLC a perfect organization? Surely not. Find me one that is. I can assure you, you won’t. Do I disagree with some things we may agree to do? Of course, I do. You win some votes, you lose some. But, I know most of the members in this organization. I know their hearts and I know their love for liberty. I have seen them work tirelessly for candidates and causes they believe in. I have seen them miss work, miss family time and many other things to fight for proper legislation or against bad legislation. They do this not for personal gain, not in the belief that suddenly tomorrow we’ll awake to a utopia, but so that our children and grandchildren can carry the torch of liberty into the future. Just perhaps, regaining a little more liberty back that has been lost.

Doing these things don’t always make you everyone’s favorite person. Speaking truth to power is not always popular. I can accept that. When I started an RLC chapter in my local area, it was met with fierce push-back in short order. The usual welcoming of all these new younger Republicans getting involved didn’t last long, I can assure you of that. That moment someone expresses an unpopular view to those never challenged on their thoughts (even though clearly supported by the RPT platform) you quickly become a troublemaker. Start gaining a voice and votes, well, then you really step in it. Sometimes it’s a fight, sometimes it’s a smooth cooperative process. I wouldn’t change anything I have done in this path. We may have been uncomfortable to some, but that old leadership is gone here locally. I never give that credit to the brand of the RLC, because no matter locally or larger, nothing gets accomplished without a core group of dedicated people with passion, no matter the name you call yourselves.

I may not agree with every action every Republican takes, but I still see no better avenue currently to express the views of liberty than the Republican Party. I simply don’t. It is the reason I joined a Republican club with the purpose of functioning in the Republican Party. I can assure anyone, through recent surveys with membership, others feel the same. The Republican Party is our party and we fight for the liberties of our fellow man in that party. My love and thirst for liberty does not end at party lines. Therefore, when even my own party members express views sometimes based on emotion, or misunderstanding, and yes, in the pursuit of political power over the underlying goal of liberty, I do speak loudly.

I am proud to serve this organization, and I am proud to work in our Republican Party to fight to restore liberty to all of us. I write this about midway through my term as Chairman, and on the eve of Texas Independence Day because I think it is important to reflect, and to prepare as we move forward. I appreciate the hard work of each one of you. The growth, effectiveness and forward movement of this organization, as always, remain at the forefront of my thoughts. I sincerely hope our trip to Austin presenting to the SREC Committee goes well. With you guys hard work and the support of a few great Legislators and party members, I have no doubt it will.
In Liberty,
Jeff LeBlanc
Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas

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