Tell Congress to Support Free Market Immigration Reform

There’s no point in coming up with a strong set of legislative priorities on an issue if we don’t let Congress know what we think they ought to be doing. So we’d like you to email your representatives with a complete copy of the RLC’s Statement on Immigration Priorities to get their attention.

This is particularly timely because our efforts have just been endorsed by the Federation of Hispanic Republicans, Cafe Con Leche Republicans and the 5-11 Campaign (opposes a national ID).

Th basic concept of our statement is to focus on the benefits of immigration for our nation when it is part of a comprehensive free market economic approach to the needs of workers and businesses. It emphasizes three primary points. First, that any policy should be designed to preserve the rights and economic interests of citizens and businesses. Second, that access to visas should be limited by the market and not quotas, through a robust guest worker program. Third, that immigration reform should be part of a comprehensive free market approach to business and labor in America.

Please use the form below to send a full copy to your representatives. Feel free to add some comments of your own to personalize it.