Take Action: Support Labrador for Majority Leader

labradorRep. Raul Labrador of Idaho is in the race for Majority Leader of the House. He stands out as a reliable anti-establishment voice in Congress.

The forces of the status quo would like to put another shill for big business and bailouts in to fill Eric Cantor’s seat with more of the same. Only the voice of the people and a peoples candidate can stop them.

Raul Labrador is that man.

“Labrador’s election as Majority Leader would represent an acknowledgement by House members that Eric Cantor’s primary loss last week is a sign that new ideas are gaining influence in the Party,” said RLC National Chair Matt Nye. “More and more, Republicans are asking that the Party return to its small government roots, and Labrador represents that element of the Party well.”

Labrador scored a 90% rating on the RLC’s most recent Liberty Index. The National Board of the RLC urges you to contact your representative and urge them to vote for Labrador.

The vote will take place tomorrow. So this is extremely urgent. ACT NOW!

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