Support Marijuana Decriminalization in Texas

Texas jails are full of non-violent, minor drug offenders while dangerous felons go free to make room for them.  This practice of criminalizing a victimless behavior destroys lives and makes Texas less productive, jailing otherwise useful citizens and ruining their future with a permanent criminal record.

The Criminal Jurisprudence Committee heard testimony just last week about a number of bills related to marijuana. The Republican Liberty Caucus endorses HB 507 sponsored by Representative Joe Moody, and urges you to call your representative to express your support. Tell them you are a constituent who asks for a YES vote on HB 507! A detailed list of the marijuana related bills filed in the Texas Legislature can be found here:

HB 507 is the least ambitious of these bills, but it’s a start.  It creates a civil penalty (fine up to $250) for 0-1 ounce of marijuana possession and eliminates the criminal conviction and the collateral consequences of that conviction, including loss of a driver’s license for six to twelve months, loss of student financial aid, and harm to employment and housing options.

The key represeentatives on the committee are:

Rep. Todd Hunter – (512) 463-0672
Rep. Jeff Leach – (512) 463-0544
Rep. Matt Shaheen – (512) 463-0594
Rep. Abel Herrero – (512) 463-0462

We particularly need you to call if you are in one of their districts, but don’t be shy, call them all!

In liberty,

Dave Nalle
Legislative Liaison
Republican Liberty Caucus



The Republican Liberty Caucus works within the Republican Party to promote traditional Texas principles of liberty and limited government.  To show your support join the RLC at


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