RLCTX Syria Press Release

FOR RELEASE: September 5, 2013

CONTACT: Dave Nalle, 512-656-8011, dave@rlctx.org



AUSTIN, TX – Like Republicans all over Texas, the members of the Republican Liberty Caucus are outraged by the Obama administration’s call for an attack on Syria.  We do not believe that such an attack is justified by the evidence or circumstances and urge the members of the Texas congressional delegation to stand firm and vote against any resolution supporting this irresponsible action.

After his intervention in a similar situation in Lebanon that led to unnecessary American deaths, President Reagan authored four principles on the use of the military which our leaders in Congress ought to keep in mind: the military should only be used in our national interest,  with the intent to win a clear victory,  with the full support of the people, and only as a last resort when all other means have failed.

The administration has failed to prove that our national interests are at risk in Syria.  What we seem to have there is a war crime which ought to be dealt with through the international justice system.  It is also quite clear that an attack on Syria is overwhelmingly opposed by the public and we certainly have not exhausted our other options, including just ignoring a situation which presents no threat to our nation, citizens or interests.

Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas Chairman Jeffrey Larson observed that “Without a compelling national interest in doing so, the United States has no business getting entangled in the civil wars of other nations. Because the supporters of intervention in Syria tried and failed to justify that action, the rest of Congress should listen to the People and vote NO for another war in the Middle East.”

For too long Congress has ignored the concerns of the people and neglected its responsibility to provide a check on executive power.  In a statement issued this week the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas pointed out that the authority to make war rests with Congress under the Constitution:

“This administration has consistently ignored and worked against due process in their domestic security policy and they continue to be hostile to the concept in their foreign policy, resisting calls for Congressional oversight.  The situation in Syria clearly does not meet the Constitutional standard for immediate reprisal in response to an attack on the United States.  The President cannot legally take military action unilaterally in this situation.  He must consult Congress and get their approval.”

The headlong rush to war may be supported by some dinosaurs on Capitol Hill like Speaker Boehner and Senator McCain, but even though they still have a tenuous hold on leadership, their days are numbered. It is the goal of the Republican Liberty Caucus to restore accountability in the GOP leadership and return the party to its founding principles of limiting government and protecting individual liberty.

During the coming week the 21 regional chapters of the Republican Liberty Caucus in Texas will be participating in a nationwide write-in and call-in campaign to Congress to make our representatives very aware that there is no justification for supporting an attack on Syria.  As the members of the RLC of Congressional District 36 put it, “The only reason a Congressman could support this would be out of an attitude that he or she knows better than the people they represent.  Do your duty, listen to your constituents.”

The board of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas has sent a strong statement on the Syria situation which has been faxed to all of the members of the Texas congressional delegation.  To read the text of the statement, please view it on our website at www.rlctx.org.


The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas was founded in 1991 as a grassroots membership organization within the Republican Party.  We are dedicated to the goal of advancing the principles of limited government and individual liberty within the party.  The RLCTX currently has 21 chapters statewide with a large and growing membership.  For more information please call 512-656-8011 or see our website at http://www.rlctx.org