RLCTX Supports Log Cabin Republicans In Coalition Fight

The Log Cabin Republicans are once again fighting to be included in voter outreach for the Republican Party of Texas. As in the past, some of the push back turns more ugly as the SREC meeting approaches. Our starting point is to clarify the Log Cabin Republicans are not seeking auxiliary status, which generally requires a higher step of agreement with all positions of the Republican Party of Texas. They are seeking to be a coalition, which merely is a clearly defined role on a shared goal. For instance, a non-partisan gun group working on gun issues with the party, but not being officially a party auxiliary.   

We firmly believe all party initiatives should be actionable. ‘Feel good’ positions or planks that no one ever intends to act on are a waste of time and resources. If issues are not going to generate the same dedication to work on such as, abortion, guns or any number of other issues the party works on through the legislature, then they are likely put there by a group to feel good about just seeing it written there, and nothing more. 

We certainly have a proposal for those members.  If those so intent on blocking the Log Cabin Republicans from participating are true in their beliefs, we fully expect a resolution at the SREC meeting calling out President Trump, with the same fury, for abandoning those principles. President Trump was the first Republican Nominee on the RNC stage to be introduced by a gay billionaire, and embrace LGBT Republicans and their rights. To cheers. Still, most evangelicals are fully behind him. He also has appointed a very large number of LGBT people to positions. He has also stated he will fight persecution of the LGBT in foreign countries.  

 Either the moral outrage is true, or it is not.  We urge the SREC to take up the issue of how the President, through his embrace of these conservatives, has not upheld the principles of the party.

However, as mentioned above, we fully expect the truth to be these planks are ‘feel good’ planks that give a large number of people the ability to feel comfortable being able to write them in a book, but being far too cowardly to actually do anything about them. Why not a priority to asking the legislature to refuse to follow the federal government on marriage? Why not more? Because, as we feel, this is simply added to be able to claim moral high ground most don’t hold themselves. And, are rarely, if ever, even willing to call out moral offenses of their own office holders. Absent the body  being truly outraged enough to not only spout objections, but actually work as hard as they do abolishing abortion and other issues legislatively, it’s hypocrisy. We know a further step will not be taken because they are already losing on this issue in general elections, and would seal their fate to act even more brazenly.

But, we still look forward to the resolution on President Trump if these principles are so dire. 


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