RLCTX Statement On Speaker Bonnen & Caucus Chairman Dustin Burrows

August 7, 2019 

 RLCTX Statement On Speaker Bonnen & Caucus Chairman Dustin Burrows


HOUSTON, TX – The recent actions by Speaker Bonnen, Chairman Burrows, and Michael Sullivan leave much to be desired in the political arena. However, one of these men is charged with one of the top three most powerful positions in State government, and that carries an exceptionally higher bar.

After a meeting where a recording was made, but not released to the public, what we do know is what we have heard from various House members that have heard the recording. Apparently, there were disparaging remarks made by the Speaker upon members of both parties, and a hit list of sorts against fellow Republicans was provided in exchange for media credentials for Michael Sullivan’s group.

The Speaker, before knowing a recording existed, lied to members and the public.

The Speaker has now issued a statement acknowledging that he made these remarks, and has asked for the forgiveness of House members.

Forgiveness is divine and we should all forgive. However, forgiveness does not erase the consequences of one’s actions. 

The Speaker’s actions have jeopardized the Republican Party of Texas as a whole. For the sake of the Party, the House, and the State, we now call for him to do the right thing and announce he will resign as Speaker and not seek to be elected to that position again next session. For the House to truly heal, and any public trust restored, the Speaker and Caucus Chair Dustin Burrows, must resign. 

Further, we call for an investigation from all applicable bodies and law enforcement into the actions of the Speaker and Chairman Burrows as they may possibly relate to any ethics and any bribery statute violations. 


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