RLCTX Statement On Recent SREC Emails About Coalition Status

As with any issue, there was support and non-support of the RLCTX becoming a coalition partner with the Republican Party of Texas. In fact, that was the case both here in our own membership and in the SREC. However, in this instance, it appears the Chair of the SREC Auxiliary & Coalition Committee went beyond the norm of disagreement to try and claim something nefarious was done by SREC Representative Terry Holcomb. His reply is quite detailed and is truth of the events. Below is the statement I issued this morning on the situation. I cannot underscore the importance of the biggest issue in this is that as Auxiliary & Coalitions, our very duty is to fight for Liberty in our own party. Furthermore, it is our duty to bring Liberty-Minded voters and candidates into the party. That is the very definition of what auxiliary & coalitions do. At the very base of it, it is what the party structure should do, gain voters and candidates.


“I thank SREC Rep Terry Holcomb Sr. for his attention to detail and the seriousness he takes his duty. As the Chairman of the RLCTX, I was very aware of the issues mentioned in this email. I too, have contacted Chairman James Dickey and Vice Chairwoman Amy M Clark.

I was not going to comment on any of this publicly, as I don’t see it of any significance other than a Chair throwing a tantrum over losing a vote (nothing new for those involved in politics). I believe actions by those of Chairwoman Gibson only highlight issues we have as we speak of unity and a welcoming party out of one side of our mouths, yet act in an opposite manner. As always, I am proud of my SREC Rep, Terry Holcomb Sr. and daily, he continues to remind me that I did a just duty in supporting and helping elect him.

The RLCTX will continue to do its duty and bring liberty minded voters and candidates into the Republican Party, which, in the end, should be the goal of both our organization and anyone serving on Auxiliaries & Coalitions Committee.”


Here is Mr. Holcomb’s letter of events. 

Terry Holcomb Rebuttal to Chair Tina Gibson


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