RLCTX Statement On Recent Comments Made By Party Leaders Over George Floyd’s Murder


             Republican Liberty Caucus Of Texas Statement On Recent Comments Made By Party Leaders Over George Floyd’s Murder


HOUSTON, TX – For many years the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas has worked tirelessly on Criminal Justice Reform. The recent murder of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement only lends more credibility to our mission.   Reducing unnecessary and burdensome laws for crimes with no victims that continue to put many Americans into interactions with law enforcement needlessly only increases the possibility of these outcomes. Our continued persistence to militarize the police along with poor training only leads to more of these incidents. Giving law enforcement special powers of arrest on charges that themselves allow no jail time as punishment only lead to more of these incidents.   

As the events surrounding the tragic and unnecessary death of George Floyd continue to unfold, we expect all party leadership and Republicans alike to condemn any racist or distasteful rhetoric by area leaders, as the actions and statements by elected leadership in our party reflect on each and every one of us.

Recently, some party leaders have issued statements that suggest conspiracy theories in Floyd’s death by Democrats to hurt President Trump.  We feel this type of rhetoric shows a complete lack of empathy for his family and the community as a whole who are suffering this current injustice. Cynthia Brehm, the Bexar County Republican Chairwoman, former sheriff Jim Kaelin, Nueces County Republican Chairman, and Sue Piner, Comal County Chairwoman GOP all issued statements along these lines. These poorly thought out messages have failed their party, their constituents, and their state.

Keith Nielsen, the Harris County Chairman-Elect posted a picture on social media with a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote along with a banana included. While Mr. Nielsen has apologized and may have unintentionally not realized many in the African American community would view this as a racially insensitive image, it does not excuse the complete lack of sense he showed to current race relation issues at play in the country.

The GOP as a whole has an image problem, and these statements and social media posts only shine a light on that issue. We demand leaders be better than this. They are either insensitive or are completely blind to the current situation in our country, and neither are acceptable. Each and every citizen of this country deserves to be treated equally and in line with the rule of law.

 Jeff LeBlanc, Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas, stated: “We cannot expect to court voters while sharing images and messages that are insensitive, completely lack empathy, or show that our leaders are out of touch with issues many in our communities may find offensive. Unfortunately, these individuals either embody everything the GOP stands against, or they are so poor on messaging, they have showed a complete lack of judgment. Racism has no place in the Republican Party, and it has no place in America.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas is a group within the Republican Party which seeks to promote the values of limited government, free enterprise and individual liberty. We will not stand by while others in our party choose to denigrate and spread false narratives through social media posts and images.


Jeff LeBlanc
Chairman - Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas

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Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas

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  1. This was refreshing to hear from someone with authority in the Republican Party: a Party which has had no small hand in its negative image generated over the last couple decades. Limited government, personal liberty, and economic freedom are beneficial to all Americans, but too many edgy party leaders and loud, ignorant Internet personalities have made a large portion of Americans feel that it has no place for them. Of course we are all Americans, but that doesn’t mean we all have one, simple American story. Our experiences, traumas or lack thereof, education, communities, and familial upbringing (for better or worse) all have a massive impact on who we become. Those outlooks are of infinite value to the growth of the Republican Party and the ideals which it is *supposed* to espouse. Many Americans hold the same views as you and I, but feel compelled to vote against their political interests on the basis of the ignorant members of the GOP who are more than happy to push them away by saying that their identity has no meaning, because they are Americans first, so shut up about the rest. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth sometimes knowing what the people who vote like me think and say. We all have something to bring to the Grand Ol’ Party, and it’s long overdue that Republican voters get their act together, or risk the loss of all that we hold dear because they can’t understand why others have as much value as they do.

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