RLCTX Officially Becomes A Coalition Partner With The Republican Party Of Texas

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas has long been entrenched to bring Liberty-Minded voters a voice in the Republican Party of Texas. In protecting the Founder’s vision for our State and Country, we are grateful to be given the chance to make our case to those Liberty-Minded Voters and Grassroots Activists that the Republican Party of Texas is the best avenue to push forward the ideals of Individual Liberty, Sound Economic Policy, and Limited Government.

Texas Republicans are rich with the ideals of Liberty and carry a platform, on most issues, more Liberty Minded than many States. From the calls of Abolishing Property Taxation to those of demanding Sound Money, Eliminations of Federal Departments, Texas Sovereignty in its internal affairs, and  its general calls for reigning in government burdens that stifle business and the entrepreneurial spirit of every Texan, the Republican Liberty Caucus has always been with you on these issues, even when they weren’t in the platform.  We will continue to make the case to Texans that the Republican Party of Texas is the best vehicle to further our goals in the Liberty Movement, and as well as, seek out the best men and women to represent the people in all levels of our party to achieve that end.

To this end, we are excited to help the Republican Party of Texas. No Republican is in full agreement on every issue. But, our Caucus will work on planks in the party platform where we can to further the Republican Party of Texas reach. Likewise, we will remain engaged on the Convention stage, as we always have, to further the Liberty of all Texans and stifle the ever-expanding growth of government.


In Liberty, for Texas,

Jeff LeBlanc


Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas

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