RLCTX Gains Committee Hearing On Coalition Status

 This weekend the State Republican Executive Committee met in Austin. The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas had a larger presence than usual, as this meeting included a vote on whether or not to hear from new groups seeking to be auxiliaries or coalition partners of the Republican Party of Texas.

The RLCTX State Board recently decided to, once again, seek to be considered as an official auxiliary or 15355635_1248220061888541_9127064220844303240_ncoalition partner of the Republican Party of Texas.  Friday, for the first time ever, the Auxiliary and Coalition Committee of the Republican Party of Texas invited the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas to present to them at the next quarterly meeting, so that the RLCTX may be considered for coalition status. Though this is only the first hurdle, and the RLCTX will need to present and answer the concerns of the committee, it is a huge step forward for the organization.

RLCTX Chairman Jeff LeBlanc made the comment, “I appreciate the Republican party of Texas Auxiliary Committee’s decision to hear the RLCTX next quarter for consideration for coalition status. The liberty movement currently has no auxiliary or club representation in the Republican party of Texas; yet the RPT is actively seeking partnerships for any other constituent group out there. Personally, whether the RLCTX or another group represents liberty interests is of no matter to me. The more crucial matter is that if party growth and retention are the goals, having a group that can work with party officials on issues that are important to liberty-minded conservatives inside the party is sorely needed. With seated Senators and Representatives from Justin Amash, to Rand Paul, to Thomas Massie and Mike Lee nationally, and Senators and Representatives seated in Texas from Jonathan Stickland, James White, David Simpson and Konni Burton; these ideas must be heard in the party, and they must be furthered in Texas to retain those who still cling to the ideals of Reagan and a love for constitutionally-limited government, individual liberty, and free market principles in our tent.”

The RLCTX is nothing more than a group that represents the views of the many Texans in the Liberty Wing of the party, a group whose voices deserve to be heard.  Despite occasional rumblings to the contrary, we are a group that subscribes to the principles of the Republican Party of Texas. We will stand and debate in the party when they violate their own principles, and sometimes that is misinterpreted as being against the party. However, the principles of the Republican Party of Texas are ours, and with a rigid appreciation for principles, we expect the party to follow them in the same manner. Our governing bylaws state:

Article II: Purpose

The Charter is a political action organization dedicated to promoting the ideals of individual rights, limited government and free enterprise within the Republican Party of the United States of America by:

  1. Promoting these ideals among Party officials and its various organizations;
  2. Identifying and supporting candidates sympathetic with these ideals;
  3. Developing Charter and Caucus membership among Party registrants, officials, officeholders and voters.

Finally, the threshold at which auxiliaries are held to is “Take no position contrary to the Party platform and support no candidate opposing a Republican nominee.” This State Caucus has only ever officially endorsed Republican Candidates, and has no official statement contrary to the Platform. Individual member thought does not constitute an official statement. 

We strongly suggest all our members be prepared to attend the next SREC Meeting in support of the RLCTX. The hearing is an important step in the right direction and, at most, will assure an official working relationship with the Republican Party of Texas.

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