RLCTX Endorses Rhonda Seth For HD 25


Republican Liberty Caucus Of Texas Endorses Rhonda Seth For HD 25 State Representative


The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas is proud to announce their endorsement of Rhonda Seth, candidate for State Representative House District 25.  Currently represented by Speaker Dennis Bonnen, HD25 will be open for new representation as he announced he would not seek re-election after recent scandal hit the Speaker’s Office earlier this year. 

  • Rhonda Seth submitted her survey and requested endorsement from the RLCTX, and after review, we are confident she has the potential to be a great leader who champions the liberty ideals that all Republicans share. She took a stand to bring a better option to voters of HD 25 when it was least popular, before Speaker Bonnen announced he would not seek re-election, showing herself to possess the character and leadership we should expect from all those who seek to serve the people. 

RLCTX Chairman, Jeff LeBlanc, stated: “ Her survey was one of the most impressive I have seen in a while. Also, her ability to stand for what was right, when no other candidate would, when not even the Republican Party of Texas would, that was bold. It was much easier and more opportunistic for those who filed to run after the Speaker’s announcement to retire. Rhonda Seth braved to stand against the Speaker when he was still in this race, a sign of the backbone needed in Austin”

Jeffrey Larson, RLC National Treasurer, and RLCTX secretary added, “Rhonda is a true Texan who has had the best interests of the 25th in mind from the beginning.  She represents fresh leadership that preserves the spirit of freedom and innovation that has made Texas great.”

We urge all of our members and local Republicans in HD 25 to support and vote for Rhonda Seth. 


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