RLCTX Endorses Rep. James White HD 19



Republican Liberty Caucus Of Texas Endorses Rep. James White, HD 19

Houston, Texas – December 12, 2017  – Today, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas issued its first endorsement of the 2018 Republican Primary season for Representative James White, HD 19.

Representative White has worked tirelessly on important issues to not only the RLCTX, but to all Texans,  including property tax relief, judicial system reform and reducing licensing burdens. He has served four terms in the Texas House and has been a champion of Republican grassroots causes.

“Representative White has, for some time, been a member we can count on to further the Liberties of all Texans.” Jeff LeBlanc, Chairman RLCTX, continued, “During session he is always one of the first Representatives we seek to meet with on a variety of issues. He has always been very inviting and fair in his assessments of our legislative concerns. He represents his district well and has certainly earned our endorsement. We look forward to a continued excellent relationship with Mr. White.”

Rusty  Kuciemba, RLCTX East Texas Regional  Chair, added: “Representative White  stands firm for Liberty and works tirelessly to expand freedom for all Texans. He is a champion of many noble causes and listens to/takes direction from his constituents, truly serving the communities he represents.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas proudly supports and endorses Representative James White  and urges all Republicans, its members, and allies to strongly support his candidacy.



Jeff LeBlanc

Chairman – RLCTX





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