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rlcactionFor the past few years the RLCTX has pursued the Republican Party of Texas to allow us to become an official auxiliary or coalition partner. Despite the RLCTX boasting memberships from several republican legislators and party officers past and present, our presence at every convention with booth space and a number of campaigns we have assisted the party with, the continuing Auxiliary Committee Chairperson seems unwilling to even hear from us.


The RLCTX sent a notification last quarter to Tina Gibson informing her we would again like to address the committee. She never replied to the request. The RLCTX has worked up a presentation for the committee and it was sent to her for review for the upcoming committee meeting in Austin, TX. Friday at noon. She replied that the committee has decided they will not invite any new members this year or hear from any. The RLCTX further questioned when this decision was made, where this vote was taken, etc. She then replied the committee voted last meeting to invite back previous auxiliaries. This is correct, however, what Ms. Gibson failed to mention is the committee never voted on  new members. In fact this is on this agenda for this meeting.

We do have favorable members on this committee and they are willing to help us. 


What the RLCTX needs from you:

We must, with our members that can and any of our partner members that can attend this meeting, pack the room. A strong showing goes a very long way in this committee.



Wyndham Garden Hotel – Austin

3401 South I-35, Austin, Texas 78741

Friday, 12/2/2016 – Noon-1:45p Auxiliaries and Coalitions San Gabriel Room


Can’t Make it In Person – Lobby The Committee:

Can’t make this meeting? Please lobby ALL the members of the Auxiliaries Committee for new clubs to be heard from, specifically the RLCTX. A fair hearing and vote grows out party far more than bully chair tactics and shutting out organizations. You can either click the members name to email or I have included the full email to the side if needed. Additionally, if you do attend please lobby these members in person as well before the meeting. 


Tina Gibson SD 17 – (Chair) tinagibsonsd17srec@gmail.com

Terry Holcomb SD 3 – tlholcombsr@gmail.com

Shelly Pritchard SD 9 – shelly.pritchard@hotmail.com

Virginia Prodan SD 16 – VirginiaProdanSD16@gmail.com

Janie Melendez SD 20 – janie1070@gmail.com

Denise DeLara SD 22 – denise.delara.elliscogop@gmail.com

Mathew Walbeck SD 27 – Tacticalcampaigns@gmail.com

Melanie Flowers SD 13 – mflowers@flowersfirm.com



As always, keep up the fight! 

In Liberty,

Jeff LeBlanc

Chairman – Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas 




The Republican Liberty Caucus works within the Republican Party to promote traditional Texas principles of liberty and limited government.  To show your support join the RLC or donate at www.jointherlc.com


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