RLCCD36 Supports Turner, Pushes Local Parties To Follow Harris County, Others


As the number of county GOP parties continue to back Scott Turner over Joe Strauss for Speaker, the local grassroots group, Republican Liberty Caucus of CD 36, voted to support Turner and urged local parties to follow. Harris County, one of the GOP’s  largest counties in the state, has already made the move as has Dallas and others.

Of course, the votes come from  State Representatives, not the people. However, there is growing concern some in the Statehouse have forgotten they do answer to the people, not just a good old boy club they have in Austin. Most parties and grassroots groups have moved for the resolutions supporting Turner as a reminder to them of how the people feel.

Turner vows a floor vote. Which will, in turn, expose those who back Strauss, leading to possible primary challenges and tough spots for Representatives and their constituents.