RLCCD36 Starts Fundraising

After many months of great success and events the RLLCCD36 is beginning its next fundraising campaign. 

Jeff Leblanc, Caucus Chairman, stated:

We will try this online system to achieve our goal first, then move to other options.

All the money we make goes directly back to the caucus either in supplies or rental fees on equipment and fees for building uses for events. 

After many events we have hosted, election activities and candidate backing, it has come time to rebuild our coffers again. 

After our last major event, the Ben Swann Liberty Forum in Houston, we were well set to continue our work and we did throughout the year. This gave us time to actually do work and not worry about raising funds. Now, it is time to rebuild that base so that we can host more events. We figured trying this would be far easier than planning another large scale event. However, as all things, trail and error, if this doesn’t work we have other things in the planning stages.