RLC Speaks Out Against Candidate Claims in Same Sex Marriage Case


rlctxbuttonSixty-three Texas Republican elected officials and candidates have signed on to an amicus brief in the case of DeLeon vs. Perry. Their choice to do this may offer short term political advantages but it is not in the long tem best interests of the party.

The brief stands in defense of Texas’ prohibition on same sex marriage, listing various questionable claims about the dangers of same sex marriage including an argument based on the slippery slope fallacy claiming that it will lead to the legalization of bestiality, incest, pedophilia and polygamy.

For some this is a cynical tactic of appealing to a vocal minority in the Republican Party. For others it may come from sincerely held beliefs which are not really politically relevant. In either case the position is indefensible on principle and wrong for the future of the Republican Party.

It’s not surprising to see some of the names on the list, like Dan Patrick, but it is disappointing to see the names of otherwise rational and responsible Republicans like Ken Paxton and Jason Isaac.

The Republican Liberty Caucus opposes using this issue as a campaign tactic. It will embarrass the party and the temporary gain in partisan voters is not worth the ultimate loss in party membership and support in the general election. It is the wrong position to take for party that believes in liberty and equality under the law.

The Republican Party needs to take a position on this issue based on reason and the best interests of the public. The best course for the protection of religious liberty and individual rights is to advocate the removal of marriage from the control of the state.

Marriage is a religious sacrament, let churches decide who they can marry and let the state recognize civil contracts of union. Government should treat everyone equally under the law and have no role in creating privileged classes based on the private relationships of consenting adults.

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