RLC Stands With Log Cabin Against Party Exclusion

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The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas stands in solidarity with the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas in expressing our dismay and disappointment at their exclusion from next weeks Republican Party of Texas Convention. The State Convention should be a time for focusing on unity and common ground and bringing Republicans together. Not a time for dividing our party over trivialities and squabbling in the face of the enemy.

RLC of Texas Chairman Jeffrey Larson summed up the views of many Texas Republicans saying. “The RLC of Texas supports the LCR of Texas. Republicans who differ with other Republicans on certain issues are not the enemy. The RPT cannot afford to exclude everyone who expresses opinions that some find uncomfortable. If the party wants a unified front to confront the Democrats, here is where unity should be demonstrated.”

There remains much work to be done during the coming week. Republicans have a real chance to remove insulting and divisive language from the platform after much delay. Some steps were taken towards this goal in 2012, but in the end the text contained several strongly worded sections which were insulting and inaccurate and drew considerable negative media attention to the platform.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas feels strongly about this issue and about the need to address the lack of a strong statement on gay marriage in our own platform. We are proposing a statement for consideration at our State Convention (held on the last day of the RPT convention) and to be passed on for consideration by our national board. It reads

“We recognize that there are many opinions on the nature marriage, but as an organization with a diverse constituency, we do not believe that any one position on marriage should be recognized above all others by our government. The debate on marriage may rage on, but should do so in the arena of private discourse. As a nation we must steer a neutral course which recognizes the freedom and individuality of all citizens.

“Marriage as defined by religious institutions and marriage as a simple function of government must be kept separate to maintain their autonomy and traditions. Religious marriage is a bond sanctified by religious institutions and secular marriage is a legal contract recognized by the state. They may coincide but one should never dominate or define the other

“We support the end of any governmental role in religious marriage. Government should be limited to registering civil marriages among consenting adults.”

We feel that this resolution can serve as a model for party platforms and should be a reminder that we are stronger when we work together. As Ronald Reagan famously said his 80% friend was not his 20% enemy. It is time to cast our lot in with those with whom we have so much in common and let them join the party in full equality.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas is a grassroots membership organization with chapters all over Texas, promoting the traditional Republican Party values of limited government and individual liberty.

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