RLC of Texas Well Represented at the RNC

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas had a significant presence at the Republican National Committee meeting this past week in Boston. Texas stood up for liberty in many ways at the meeting.

First let us commend Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri who stood up to object when an attempt was made to close the meeting of the Rules committee and shut out the press and the public. Because of his efforts and those of Brian Daugherty of the RLC of Maine the meeting remained open.

Second, thanks are due to our own RLC of Texas Chairman Jeffrey Larson who has been attending all of these RNC meetings and was in Boston too, making friends and allies and showing the flag for Liberty in Texas, along with a bunch of other activist volunteers from around the state.

Third, we made a unique showing on Thursday night at the dinner with Chris Christie with dozens of attendees wearing 3-inch “Stand with Rand” buttons (provided by the Texas RLC) to remind Christie and his supporters that we didn’t appreciate his attacks on the liberty wing of the party. Thanks to Diana Orrock and Amy Hedtke for helping get the buttons distributed.

Not a lot of progress was made reforming the rules changes at the RNC but we did make a good showing and reminded them that we’re not going away and they will be held accountable.

Now if we could just replace our two largely useless state RNC committee beings with RLC members we’d be in good shape.