RLC of Texas Statement on Debt Ceiling Vote


The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas believes that it is essential that Texas, as the freest state in the nation, send a strong message to Washington that fiscal irresponsibility and expanding the federal debt are unacceptable.

The people of Texas do not want to be burdened with bigger and more intrusive federal government and we continue to reject the mandates, mismanagement and massive cost of Obamacare. We stand with Ted Cruz in demanding that this nightmare program be defunded and shut down.

While we understand the pressure that the members of our congressional delegation are under to end the government shutdown and get on with their jobs, we believe that today’s vote compromises more than is necessary.  The debt ceiling, government funding and budget negotiations should be handled as separate issues.  This is an important opportunity for Republicans who truly believe in limited government to express their solidarity and commitment to sound fiscal policy.

As we go into the 2014 election we will be keeping in mind how our representatives vote today and what actions they take once the shutdown ends when we decide how to advise voters and where to direct our support next November.

This must be the beginning of a substantial and uncompromising effort to substantially cut spending, reduce the size of government and end the federal overreach represented by policies like Obamacare.

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