RLC of Texas Endorses Supreme Court Slate

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AUSTIN, TX – Big business cronyism is a problem in the Republican Party in Texas and nationwide. That problem takes many forms, including big-money opposition to grassroots candidates, influence peddling and corruption in state legislatures and in Washington, DC.

The Republican Liberty Caucus opposes corruption and influence peddling in all its forms and does not believe that a nation can be truly free when some businesses are subsidized and bailed out by the government and exercise unhealthy influence over government policy. This is bad economic policy and contrary to the free market principles on which our nation was founded.

In Texas influence peddling and cronyism have also come to pervade our politics, with business interests supporting a corrupt bipartisan political establishment. This is a problem not only in our legislature, but also in our elective court system, and one of the places where it is most harmful is in the Texas Supreme Court.

An alliance of business interests, which includes the Chamber of Commerce, the Texas Business Alliance and Texans for Lawsuit Reform, has decided that they should pick our most important judges and buy their way into office so that their business interests will have special protection. This protection often implies that equal protection under the law will be circumvented and some businesses will be given special privilege while others survive on scraps.

This cabal of business interests has now put together a slate of candidates willing to serve as their lackeys at the head of the court system, kept in office perpetually with massive campaign funding and the votes of uninformed and easily influenced voters. This is made possible by a general ignorance of judicial elections among the public, despite the importance of these offices. If they are presented with a slate of candidates from a source they trust they don’t really look any further.

“It has come to our attention that certain PACs affiliated with the appointed Supreme Court of Texas justices are directly or indirectly contributing to Tea Party groups and Republican Clubs throughout Texas to gain their easy endorsements.” says Justin Machacek, Board Secretary for the TXRLC. “We’re seeing these endorsements already from organizations all over Texas. Given the lack of resources and quality information in many of these clubs the incumbent establishment candidates are able to effectively buy these endorsements to win these very important elections”.

We believe it is past time for this to end. The people of Texas need to become informed about what goes on in the state Supreme Court and demand that it protect the interests of all people equally as guaranteed in the state and federal constitutions.

To counter the corrupt slate of candidates, we have identified a set of candidates who will represent the interests of the people of Texas first, who value impartiality, honor constitutional liberty, and who believe that there is one law which should apply equally to all citizens and all businesses.

We are proud to endorse Robert Talton, Joe Pool and Sharon McCally for Texas Supreme Court. They have the principles and integrity to serve the people of Texas well and maintain the honesty of the court.

We urge other grassroots organizations to join us in supporting this slate of candidates and standing up for the rule of law against the rule of special interests in the Texas Supreme Court.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas is a grassroots membership organization with chapters all over Texas, promoting the traditional Republican Party values of limited government and individual liberty.

For more information see our website at http://www.rlctx.org

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