RLC Endorses Strahan in House District 18


AUSTIN, TX – Great candidates are already coming forward to run for the Texas House this year, and the Republican Liberty Caucus is proud to endorse Keith Strahan for House District 18.  Keith Strahan has the experience and dedication to liberty for all Texans which we need to restore conservative principles in the troubled Texas House. 


“Texas House District 18 needs a new vision for the 21st century,” said Jeffrey Larson Chairman of the RLC of Texas.  “Keith Strahan is a liberty-loving fiscal conservative who can provide that vision, and quality leadership for Texas.” 

The RLC state board voted unanimously and enthusiastically to endorse Strahan, and we look forward to seeing him continue the great tradition of RLC endorsees in the House like Jonathan Stickland and David Simpson. Endorsement is based on answers to our candidate survey and answers are kept strictly confidential, but our endorsement conveys our confidence that a candidate has a strong belief in individual liberty and limited, constitutional government.

The RLC has a strong presence in the area with several organized chapters in House District 18.

I have seen Keith Strahan work tirelessly for Liberty throughout Southeast Texas for years with a number of grassroots groups,” Said Jeff LeBlanc of the RLC of Liberty County. “I urge voters to get to know him, speak to him and question him. It’s been a long time since HD 18 has had a representative for the voters in the district who puts our needs before those of Austin insiders. Keith will return representation of the voters to our house seat.”

Art Sisneros, Chairman of the RLC of CD36 added his personal endorsement, saying “We are a crucial time in our fight for liberty in the Texas Legislature and I can think of no better man uniquely suited to carry that fight to Austin than Keith Strahan. He is a man that not only understands the issues facing East Texans, but has the principles and convictions to represent the people and not the Austin lobbyists. I proudly endorse Keith Strahan for Texas State Rep in HD18″
There’s a long campaign ahead and many endorsements to come, but Keith Strahan is a great first  House endorsement to set the tone of the campaign to come.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas is a grassroots membership organization with chapters all over Texas,  promoting the traditional Republican Party valies of limited government and individual liberty.

For more information see our website at https://rlctx.net

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