RLC Endorses Five Congressional Candidates

Five House Candidates Earn Recognition from Liberty Republicans in 2012 Primary

AUSTIN, TX –  The National Board of the Republican Liberty Caucus is pleased to announce the endorsement of five outstanding candidates for the House of Representatives in the 2012 primaries.  Richard Mack (TX21), Wes Riddle (TX25), Jessica Puente-Bradshaw (TX27), Bill Yarborough (OH12) and Jason Greene (MO5) stand out in a year which promises a very strong selection of candidates and were chosen for early endorsement because of their dedication to constitutionally limited government, individual liberty and free enterprise. They set the standard which other candidates will need to meet to earn the support of Liberty Republicans in 2012.

“Voters nationwide are starting to realize that our nation cannot survive when both parties allow government to grow out of control at the cost of our liberties,” said RLC National Chairman Dave Nalle. “These candidates represent the new direction of American politics and the best traditions of the Republican Party. They have personal integrity, a dedication to the best interests of the people and a firm belief in responsible government. They are exactly the kind of representatives we need to send to DC to work with our 2010 endorsees like Justin Amash (MI) and Rand Paul (KY) to put our government back on track.”

In 1774 John Adams wrote that the revolution had been completed “in the minds of the people” before conflict ever broke out, and we believe that a similar revolution in attitude is taking place in the United States today. The people are no longer content to sit idly by and accept the dictates of out of control government. We are demanding better service and real accountability, and if we do not get it we will keep voting complacent and unresponsive office holders out until they get the message.

Following on the election of more than two-dozen RLC endorsees to the House and Senate in 2010, the RLC has set a goal of doubling that number in the 2012 election. With a larger core of newly elected, principled representatives in Washington we can move away from the big government status quo and towards putting the rights and interests of the people first.


These candidates were selected based on their answers to questions on our candidate survey and at the recommendation of their state chapters of the Republican Liberty Caucus. Further endorsements in state and federal races are expected in the coming months.

More information on the Richard Mack campaign can be found at http://www.sheriffmackforcongress.com/

More information on the Wes Riddle campaign can be found at http://www.wesriddle.com/

More information on the Jessica Puente-Bradshaw campaign can be found at http://www.texansforjessica.com/

More information on the Jason Greene campaign can be found at http://www.greeneforcongess.com/

More information on the Bill Yarborough campaign can be found at http://www.yarbroughforliberty.com/

Founded in 1991, the Republican Liberty Caucus is a nationwide grassroots organization which promotes individual liberty and limited government within the Republican Party.   You can find more information about the Republican Liberty Caucus at www.rlc.org