RLC Endorses David Simpson for Senate in District 1

AUSTIN, TX – The Republican Liberty Caucus is proud to endorse Representative David Simpson in his bid for the Texas Senate Seat in District 1. Simpson has been an outstanding leader for liberty in the TX House of Representatives since 2010. He has the experience, dedication and a proven record of conservative principles that have shown he will make a great addition to the Texas Senate.

“I can think of very few men who stand out more as one of the most principled, liberty-loving conservatives than Representative Simpson,” said Jeff LeBlanc, Chairman of the RLC of Texas. “David Simpson has always been dependable when it comes to liberty-minded proposals and solutions, his election to the Senate will only improve Texas government.”

The RLC state board voted unanimously and enthusiastically to endorse Representative David Simpson, and we look forward to seeing him continue the great work we have come to respect him for. Endorsement is based on answers to our candidate survey and answers are kept strictly confidential, but our endorsement conveys our confidence that a candidate has a strong belief in individual liberty and limited, constitutional government.

RLC East Texas Regional Representative, Wes Thomas weighed in with a passionate statement, ‘David Simpson deserves our support. This man is one of the few who truly stands for life, liberty, and property in the Texas legislature. When a Texas Republican Representative says to you “I support the Texas constitution”, if their name is not David Simpson–or one of those few others who stand with him–you can be sure they don’t actually care what the constitution says when it interferes with their agenda.”

 “David Simpson is a great leader not only for Texas but as an example to legislators around the nation,” said RLC National Vice Chairman David Nalle, “He is nationally respected among liberty activists and conservative Republicans for his dedication to principle and the clarity of his vision.  He has a unique ability to cut to the heart of complex issues and make the principles clear to voters and fellow legislators.”

We urge all the voters in Senate District 1 to support David Simpson. They are blessed to be able to cast their vote for a leader of such outstanding character.

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