RLC Endorses 7 Candidates for County Chair

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AUSTIN, TX – The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas is dedicated to better government for Texas and to a better Republican Party.  If we are to meet the challenge posed by Democrats who want to turn the state blue the Texas GOP needs to become stronger and smarter and broaden its appeal.  That means new leadership and new ideas from the grassroots up.

Recent events like the “pay for play” scandal have shown how deep corruption has wormed its way into the Texas Republican Party, but new leaders are stepping up to meet that challenge to make the party better and use it as an engine to restore sound and principled government in our state.

At the leading edge of the restoration of the Republican Party are a group of candidates for county chairman from around the state who are dedicated to listening to the voice of the grassroots and restoring the party as a party of principle.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas has never endorsed candidates for Count Chairman before, but this year we have decided that dedication to saving the Republican Party ought to be recognized, so we are proud to endorse the following candidates for County Chairman from around the state.

Ross Ward, Liberty County
Jen Hall, Tarrant County
James Dickey, Travis County
Fred Grube, Polk County
Rick Gomez, Nueces County
Paul Simpson, Harris County
Dwayne Wright, San Jacinto County

We believe that they are setting an example for the whole party and that we will see others follow in their footsteps in bringing dedication to reform and renewal to other party offices, many of which will be filled during the state party convention process.

We urge everyone who believes in a better Republican Party to support these candidates and the change and more positive future that they represent.


The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas is a grassroots membership organization with chapters all over Texas,  promoting the traditional Republican Party values of limited government and individual liberty.

For more information see our website at http://www.rlctx.org

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