RLC Dues Structure Revision Petition

There has been considerable demand for a simplification of the RLC National Bylaws on dues, with changes which accommodate lowering dues and providing easier incentives for recruiting new members and forming new chapters.

This proposal provides considerable simplification, eliminates redundancy and gives chapters complete autonomy over setting their local dues while keeping national dues at a reasonable level. It reduces math and simplifies dues reconciliation.

To get this proposal on the agenda for the national convention, we just need enough member signatures on this petition. Please add yours if you are a current RLC member.

RLC Dues Revision Petition

We the undersigned request that the following revisions to the Republican Liberty Caucus Bylaws and Rules be submitted for consideration at the National RLC Convention on April 11th, 2013.

Article III

(Section 1 is unchanged)

Section 2: The Board of Directors shall set the minimum annual dues requirement for Regular membership in the Caucus, which shall not be less than $10 or exceed $20 per member. Each state Charter Board shall set the minimal annual dues requirement for affiliation as a Regular member with their Charter, which shall not be less than $0 or exceed $40.

Section 3: Membership shall have a duration of one year from the time of payment. Charter membership shall run concurrent with Caucus membership No Regular membership shall be offered for a period in excess of one year. No person may be a member of a state Charter without also being a dues paid member of the national Caucus.

Section 4: The Caucus may receive and process dues on behalf of any charter and must disburse any dues collected on behalf of a Charter on an agreed schedule at least quarterly and at least thirty days before a Caucus convention. Any Charter may collect dues on behalf of the national Caucus and must disburse any dues collected on behalf of the national Caucus at least quarterly and at least thirty days before a Caucus convention.

Section 5: The Caucus or any Charter may waive all or part of their dues for any special circumstance or condition (such as a student, military or honorary membership) approved by their respective executive committees, but shall still collect and remit any dues charged by the other entity for that membership.

Section 6: Contributions received by the Caucus or any Charter from contributors who are not Regular Members shall first be applied toward minimum annual dues for the Caucus and then towards minimum annual dues for the Charter, unless the contributor explicitly declines membership in one or both organizations. All other contributions or donations may be expended as specified by the respective executive committees, but shall not be donated to any electoral campaign.

Rule 4. Dues and Memberships

A. The amount collected for Regular membership in the national Caucus shall be $10 for Student or Military members, $15 for Regular members and $25 for Family memberships. Dues charged by state chapters under the provisions of III.2 shall be additional to this.

B. Any time dues amounts are changed by any Charter the national Board must be notified within 14 days. Any change in national Caucus dues must be communicated to the state Charters within 14 days.

C: Members resident in unchartered states only pay dues to the national Caucus until such a time as those states are chartered. When a state is chartered all current national Caucus memberships in that state are updated to have the chartering date of the Charter as their starting date.

D: Members may hold memberships in multiple state Charters by paying the dues amounts for those charters in addition to their single payment of national Caucus dues as a Regular member.

E. The Caucus or any Chartered state organization my offer such premium membership rates or services as may be designated by their executive committees, with any cost over and above Regular membership treated as a donation to that entity and all benefits associated with such a premium membership provided only by the entity establishing it.

F. All contact information for new members and for individuals contacted as potential members received by either entity shall be communicated to the other entity at least quarterly by updating entries in the national member database.

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