Resolution Package for Precinct Conventions

Every two years as we go into the Republican State Convention process, rank and file party members have an opportunity to introduce resolutions to be considered for inclusion in the Texas GOP platform.

This multi-step process begins at the Precinct Conventions after the election on Tuesday, March 4th.  Precinct Conventions are at 8pm after the polls close at 7pm.  Interested voters gather there to volunteer to serve as delegates to their local District Conventions and also to submit resolutions on issues they are concerned about and think should be included in the platform.  This is your chance to shape the priorities and character of the Republican Party in Texas.

Resolutions go from the Precinct Conventions to the District Conventions and from there to the State Convention, and if you are a delegate you can follow them through the process and even testify on behalf of them as they move forward.

This can be a collaborative process and the more people who take an interest in the resolutions the better they are likely to do, so the Republican Liberty Caucus has coordinated our efforts with those of several other like-minded groups to assemble a master list of about 30 resolutions which we recommend for consideration this year.

Look the resolutions over and take all of them or those which appeal to you to your Precinct Convention.  Make sure you take three copies of each.  There’s a great selection covering civil liberties issues, party policy and important legislative initiatives.

Download the package in MS Word format

Download the package in PDF format

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