Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas Endorses Michael Berlanga for State Senate

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The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas Endorses Michael Berlanga in Texas Senate District 19
Berlanga Stands Out as an Advocate for Liberty Principles on the Texas Border

AUSTIN, TX – The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas is pleased to announce the unanimous vote of its board to endorse Michael Berlanga as one of very few candidates for the Texas Senate who stands above the crowd in his support for the principles of personal liberty and limited government which the RLC endorses.  We believe that his dedication to principle and better government will resonate with the voters of Senate District 19 and that he is well prepared to represent this huge border district with its unique challenges.

“Voters in Texas are starting to realize that our state will go the way of California and Michigan if we continue to elect legislators who cannot put a priority on returning to a government which protects personal and economic liberty,” said RLC State Treasurer Dave Nalle. “Michael Berlanga represents the new direction of American politics, with personal integrity, a dedication to the best interests of the people and a firm belief in constitutionally limited government. He is exactly the kind of Senator we need more of here in Austin.”

Following on the election of great new House members like David Simpson and Jason Isaac in 2010 the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas has a goal of sending  many more principled, pro-liberty conservatives to the legislature in this election. With a larger core of newly elected, principled representatives in Austin we can swing the debate away from the big government status quo and towards putting the best interests of the people first.

Texas Republicans want more and better service from our legislature. We are taking action because we can’t continue to sit idly by and let a a corrupt culture of incumbency lead us down the road to ruin. We will be the vanguard of a renewed Republican Party for a stronger, more prosperous and more free Texas.


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