Republican Liberty Caucus Of Texas Endorses James Dickey For Republican Party Of Texas Chairman




Republican Liberty Caucus Of Texas Endorses James Dickey For Republican Party Of Texas Chairman


Houston, Texas – March 9, 2018 – Today, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas issued their endorsement for James Dickey, who is  seeking election as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

James Dickey is the current Chairman of the RPT and was elected by the SREC when previous Chairman, Tom Mechler,  resigned. He now faces re- election through the normal process of being elected by  delegates at the RPT State Convention being held in San Antonio, Texas June 11-16.

Grassroots Republicans have seen a renewed enthusiasm under Dickey’s leadership as the party has become more engaged and responsive to its platform planks and legislative priorities. Additionally, the fairness shown in allowing the body of the SREC to vote on issues without a thumb on scales to weigh outcomes has been a welcomed outcome by many.

RLCTX State Chairman, Jeff LeBlanc noted, “James Dickey has been one of the most effective and most fair and balanced Chairmen that we have seen in years. I fully support him and so does this caucus. The importance of a fair Chairman in party activities is immeasurable to all involved. We will continue to push our members and all Republicans to attend their conventions, become delegates,  and support James Dickey for Chairman.”

Jeffrey Larson, RLC National Board Member and Secretary of the RLCTX added, “James Dickey is the most responsive Republican Chairman I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy for a full term in that position.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas proudly endorses James Dickey for the Republican Party of Texas  Chairman, and urges all of our members, Republicans, and fellow grassroots allies to join the convention process and support him.



Jeff LeBlanc

Chairman – RLCTX


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