Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Stockman for Senate

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AUSTIN, TX – In one of the most important Senate races this year, the Republican Liberty Caucus is proud to endorse Rep. Steve Stockman to replace incumbent Senator John Cornyn.  When Stockman joins Ted Cruz, Texas will have the kind of outstanding small government, pro-liberty Senate delegation worthy of the most free state in the nation.

From the start there was little question that Senator Cornyn has to go.  His history of votes against conservative budgets, for bailouts and against civil liberties has been discouraging.  His work at the National Republican Senatorial Committee where he supported big government incumbents against conservative challengers was an outrage.  But his recent vote for cloture on funding the Affordable Care Act, allowing it to pass with a simple majority when Republicans could have blocked it, was the final straw.  Just being pro-gun and pro-life does not make you a real conservative.  We need representatives who meet a higher standard.

Senator Cornyn’s history of selling out the conservative voters of Texas drew several appealing candidates to the primary field.  Although under-funded and lacking in name recognition, both Dwayne Stovall and Linda Vega offered excellent positions on important issues with solid principles.  Both should have a promising future in Texas politics, but they lack the experience and resources to effectively challenge an incumbent Senator in a statewide primary.  Rep. Steve Stockman offered similar ideals and principles, combined with a legislative record showing his willingness to challenge the party establishment, oppose spending and champion key pro-liberty issues.

Rep. Stockman was a founding member of the Republican Liberty Caucus and has served as a member of our advisory board for years.  In Congress he has worked closely with our other endorsees as part of the vital core of consistent votes for limited government and the protection of both economic and personal liberty.  He has a history as a creative campaigner with the strategic sense to mount a serious challenge to a powerful incumbent effectively.  Despite the fine qualities of the other challengers, he was the inevitable choice to take on this important job.

Senator Cornyn has already mounted a massive campaign of lies and smears against Rep. Stockman.  He has good reason to feel threatened, because this election will expose the false narrative that he is a real conservative.  He may be what Washington insiders call conservative, but he’s no Ted Cruz. He even attacked Senator Cruz for standing against Obamacare.  He’s the insider’s insider and working against the interests of the grassroots of the Republican Party.

It’s time for a change.  Join us at the polls on March 4th and send a message to the big government establishment by voting for Steve Stockman, a real conservative.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas is a grassroots membership organization with chapters all over Texas,  promoting the traditional Republican Party valies of limited government and individual liberty.

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