Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Simpson for Speaker

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Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses David Simpson for Speaker
Integrity and Dedication to Conservative Principles Make Him the Right Choice for Reform in the House

AUSTIN, TX – This week the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas Board voted unanimously to endorse Representative David Simpson in the race for House Speaker.  Although there are serious issues with the performance of Speaker Straus during his term in office, Simpson deserves endorsement on his own merits as one of the most principled and consistently conservative members of the House.

Joe Straus has presided over an era of political corruption and disregard for the best interests of citizens.  He does not represent Republican voters or Republican values.  He was elected primarily by Democrats in 2009 and has worked since then to corrupt the political system and use redistricting and his powerful PAC to remove principled conservatives from office and replace them with his lap dogs, including supporting Democrat candidates against Republicans.  He has worked hand in hand with Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst to sell our government to the highest bidder and to govern through threats, intimidation and reprisals. Just as the voters rejected Dewhurst’s big government, big money politics in the recent Senatorial election, it’s time for our representatives in Austin to reject Straus for the same reasons.

In contrast, Representative David Simpson has been a powerful voice for smaller and more open government and the protection of the rights of individuals.  He sponsored the bill to criminalize abuse of privacy rights by the TSA in Texas airports, a hugely popular issue which died in the House because of intimidation and abuse of the system by Straus and Dewhurst.  Simpson has been an outspoken supporter of individual liberty, state sovereignty and gun rights.  He has opposed healthcare mandates, budget increases and eminent domain seizures.  Above all, David Simpson has a remarkable personal integrity and an honesty which  cannot be denied or assailed.  Nothing is more dangerous to the political establishment than a truly honest man and with the party and legislative establishment so corrupt and out of control we need a leader like Simpson to come in and clean house.

RLC of Texas State Chairman Jeff Larson observed that “This is a race between the man who wrote the TSA bill and the man who killed it.  David Simpson is the obvious choice for anyone who cares about liberty.”  Sam Brannon from the RLC of Hays County commented “In this contest, David Simpson is the taxpayers’ friend and the fair dealer.  State Representatives would do the best service for their constituents by demonstrating bold support for David Simpson.”

RLC members and supporters statewide will be writing and calling their State Representatives to urge them to support leadership with integrity and to support David Simpson.  They will also be joining Republican grassroots activists from all over the state in visiting the Capitol in Austin on January 7th to show their support for much needed change in the House leadership.


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