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Red Flag laws are getting much attention currently by lawmakers in Texas. We suggest you listen to this video by Rachel Malone from Gun Owners of America and take action! Let your Representatives, Senators, and  most importantly,  the Governor’s Office know you stand against the taking of firearms without due process.  While no laws are being made currently, lawmakers are hearing testimony to help them decide on possible legislation when the session starts.


Texan gun owners must stand against so-called Red Flag laws. 
Turn out to the Senate hearing: 
Sign up for action alerts:


Points you may want to remind your Elected Officials of include:

  1. The delegates of the Republican Party of Texas have made it very clear with Plank 73 our opposition to Red Flag Laws – Red Flag: We oppose monitoring programs, including the Red Flag (that would deprive someone of their right to keep and bear arms without being convicted of a crime or found mentally incompetent by a medical psychiatric professional) or iWatch proposals, and any program that causes gun owners to be investigated by law enforcement or appear before a judge when there is no reasonable cause of a crime committed. We oppose increased background checks, as they are highly prone to “false positives” and hinder law-abiding citizens’ ability to defend themselves, rather than reduce crime.
  2. We think our current state statutes give law enforcement officials enough power to separate people from any weapons that pose a danger to themselves and others. We are not supportive of efforts to by pass constitutional due processes.


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