Petition to Expand Number of Regional Directors

For the following reasons we believe that the number of regional board members on the Republican Liberty Caucus national board should be elected. This petition proposal provides for that to be done under the rules with specific details to be set later by the board. It is being submitted as a petition because under the bylaws this is the only means available to introduce a proposal at this late date. Votes must be received by 1pm CST on Thursday.

We believe that the number of Regional Directors should be expanded from 4 to 8 for the following reasons:

  • Flexibility. The Board might consider changes to the regions or just doubling up the number of Regional Directors from one to two per region. Culture, geography, population and regional RLC activity can all factor into the equation.
  • Decentralization. Adding regional representation to our Board, with Regional Directors that are more focused on smaller geographic areas empowers the grassroots at the national Caucus level. Empowering the grassroots means that the state Charters and the local Chapters within those states will have a more direct voice on our national Caucus Board of Directors.
  •  Contact potential. When we eventually subdivide regions, whether right after adding the four Regional Directors to the four existing ones or later, if we only end up doubling the Regional Directors per region, the smaller regions will empower Regional Directors to travel to the states in their regions with greater frequency.
  •  Chartering potential. Increased frequency of travel will allow Regional Directors to put greater focus on un-Chartered states and territories that normally don’t get the same level of attention.

    Historical knowledge. Increasing participation at the Board level helps to share institutional knowledge with new members, which makes for an easier path to future growth.

Thank you for your time and please vote YES on this proposed Bylaws change to increase the number of Regional Directors.

Respectfully Submitted,

Petition to Expand the Number of Regional Directors

We the undersigned members of the Republican Liberty Caucus in good standing hereby petition that the RLC National Bylaws be amended at the National Convention in May as follows:

Modify Article IV, Section 1, to increase the number of Regional Directors from four (4) to eight (8).

Relevant Rule 9 changes to the regions’ make-up – whether to split the regions into parts or double-up the number of directors per region — can be made by the Board later, should the amendment be adopted by the National Convention Delegates in May.

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