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RLC Endorses Five Congressional Candidates

January 19, 2012 Dave Nalle 0

Five House Candidates Earn Recognition from Liberty Republicans in 2012 Primary AUSTIN, TX –  The National Board of the Republican Liberty Caucus is pleased to announce the endorsement of five outstanding candidates for the House of Representatives in the 2012 primaries.  Richard Mack (TX21), Wes Riddle (TX25), Jessica Puente-Bradshaw (TX27), Bill Yarborough (OH12) and Jason […]Continue reading »

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Texas RLC Sends Out Warning on Rick Perry

August 13, 2011 Dave Nalle 0

Don’t Believe the Hype.  Meet the Real Rick Perry
Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas Sends Warning to Republicans Nationwide About Perry’s Tax and Spend Record

AUSTIN, TX – Texas Governor Rick Perry may be the flavor of the day for a lot of Republicans, but Texas Republicans who are familiar with […]Continue reading »

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TSA Anti-Groping Bill Poised to Pass on Wednesday

June 29, 2011 Dave Nalle 0

After much wrangling over two different versions of the bill and various amendments to the language in committee, it looks like a reasonably effective version of the TSA anti-groping bill is poised to pass the Texas legislature and move on for the Governor’s signature on Wednesday. The most significant change is a downgrading of […]Continue reading »

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Rep. David Simpson’s Letter to Rick Perry

Dear Governor Perry:

If you are willing, there is still time to enact legislation to protect the dignity of travelers in Texas. Egregious intrusive searches without probable cause continue every day by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Texans and indeed Americans around this nation are fed up with this out of control federal bureaucracy that has promulgated practices that violate the 4th Amendment and that treat grandmothers, the handicapped, Iraqi war veterans with prosthetic limbs, boys, girls and infants as criminal suspects—touching their private parts as a condition of travel.Continue reading »