New Pct. Chair Gives Poor Representation At County Convention 


At times, one has to wonder if there are any educated voters left anymore. Electing someone on name recognition alone leaves an entire constituency at the mercy of a few people.  This is what has happened in Liberty County especially in regards to the precinct chair of 22.

Ms. Winn Skidmore overwhelmingly won the precinct chair for precinct 22. Her opponent accepted that and made a genuine effort to work with her at all costs for the good of the precinct.  Unfortunately, during the county convention this past weekend it has become apparent that she has no clue what her job entails or how to perform it.

The first telling sign of trouble came when Ms. Skidmore didn’t even show up to attempt to run or even participate in the precinct convention after the polls closed on election night.  Her performance at the county convention was even worse.  From the moment she showed up, she made it clear that she had no idea what to do since she had “never been to one of these [conventions] before.”  Both her actions of doing nothing in the process and leaving before the convention was adjourned should be an embarrassment to the party leadership.  The current Chairman Mr. Coleman, Vice Chair Mrs. Bivins, and any others that encouraged Ms. Skidmore to run for precinct chair should be ashamed of themselves.   

You would assume that one who seeks to be on the Republican Executive Committee would know the function of conventions of the party and your role as precinct chair. However, in fairness, that isn’t even needed as long as the said representative would jump in with both feet.  The chair should go out of her way to learn the process and be involved.  In fact, Ms. Skidmore did quite the opposite. Her and Ms. Donna Brown sat in the back and talked while the rest of those, including her previous opponent Mr. LeBlanc, joined committees and started on party work.

We’d like to remind Ms. Skidmore that she is the chair elect and this is not tea time at a social club. Precinct chair requires a lot of time and dedication.  Perhaps Mr. Coleman and Ms. Bivins should have at least taken the time to instruct her on her duties, rather than simply finding a warm body to challenge someone they saw as a threat to their strong hold in the party leadership.  In the end, it only embarrasses precinct 22, alienates all those that have worked hard, and weakens the party as a whole at a very important time.