National Republican Liberty Caucus Votes To Remove Vice Chairman After Participation In Third Party Convention


FOR RELEASE October 10, 2016.

HOUSTON, TX – Yesterday, the Republican Liberty Caucus National Board voted by a vote of 7-2 to remove Dave Nalle as the National Vice Chairman.

Jeff Larson, National At Large Board Member and former Texas Republican Liberty Caucus Chairman , shared the following details yesterday via Facebook:

” By a vote of 7-2, this evening the national RLC board voted to remove Dave Nalle as RLC Vice-Chairman. Dave continues to serve on the board in his capacity as SW Regional Representative.

This wasn’t an easy decision to make. Dave has put countless hours into this organization, and has been a mentor and guide to many of us, including myself. As Chairman Nye indicated, this wasn’t a commentary on Dave or his character, but specifically his decision to participate at the level he has in support of an opponent to a Republican nominee. For those who have been living under a rock, Dave attended the Libertarian National Convention as an alternate, and is currently in a leadership role in GOP4GaryJohnson.

None of those activities jeopardize Dave’s legal standing as an affiliate of the Republican Party, therefore there is no question that Dave remains a member of the RLC in good standing. Any RLC member is free to do likewise; had this been about Dave Nalle, RLC member and not Dave Nalle, RLC Vice-Chair, I’d have voted the other way.

However, as an officer of the RLC, the majority of the board felt that these actions significantly detracted from our mission as the conscience of the Republican Party. It’s important to send a clear message that everything about this election cycle has been a huge mistake, from the way the RNC squelched all debate among fellow Republicans on the process of the nomination, to the pressure many of you have experienced to “get in line and support Trump”, even though you may regard that as a gross imposition on your personal conscience. We cannot deliver that rebuke if we are easily marginalized as “Just a bunch of Libertarian Party members in Republican clothing”, and Dave’s actions while simultaneously serving as Vice-Chair of the organization, in my opinion, served to diminished the reputation and standing of the RLC within the Republican Party.

I look forward to continuing to work with Dave in the RLC even though I cannot agree with his judgment on this one issue. It is my personal opinion that this reflects on his political judgment, but not on his character, and I urge all of you to look at it the same way. As for November, as we are the conscience of the Republican Party, I ask you all to vote your conscience according to your principles, and not to be swayed by people who may not have your best interests at heart.”


Current Texas RLC Chairman, Jeff LeBlanc, released the following statement today:

“I feel Jeff Larson’s statement sums up the majority of all the problems that were attached to this entire issue quite well.

While the Republican Liberty Caucus has often referred to itself as the Conscience of the Republican Party, it does so by working internally in our party to expand the ideals of Liberty. The official purpose of the RLCTX, per our bylaws, specifically state the purpose of this organization as “The Charter is a political action organization dedicated to promoting the ideals of individual rights, limited government and free enterprise within the Republican Party of the United States of America by: Promoting these ideals among Party officials and its various organizations; Identifying and supporting candidates sympathetic with these ideals; Developing Charter and Caucus membership among Party registrants, officials, officeholders and voters.” Additionally, the National RLC has on its homepage, “The Republican Liberty Caucus is a 527 voluntary grassroots membership organization dedicated to working within the Republican Party to advance the principles of individual rights, limited government and free markets.”  This organization has rules on not nominating or officially supporting (as an organization) other party candidates when a Republican candidate is on the ballot, there is no exception as to if we dislike them we can, as office holders or an organization, then support a competing party candidate.

However, I cannot stress strongly enough that each and every member hold fast to their principles and belief in voting their conscience. Generally, through my time in this organization,  I try to assure after we decide to back or not back candidates that I close with ” as always, vote your conscience”. I truly mean this, I believe this. We can issue an opinion, you, the individual make your own decision. No member should ever be removed, questioned or forced to back anyone who conflicts with their principles. As Jeff Larson stated, that was not the issue here. The problem was someone holding office in a Republican Club outwardly participated as a delegate in another party’s convention.

Everyone will have an opinion on the action taken by the national board, from members to non-members. Clearly, a decision has been made, and as such we have addressed it and will now move on, in Texas, to continue to espouse the principles of Liberty and push for those to be taken up by members of our party.”


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