Mr. Sullivan, #ReleaseTheRecording


The RLCTX was among the first to call on Speaker Bonnen to resign his position immediately due to the recent actions that took place in a meeting between himself, Chairman Burrows, and Michael Quinn Sullivan.

The RLCTX has used, in the past, the logo of ‘The Conscience of The Republican Party’. As such, there are far more than just one bad actor at play in this situation. At this point, besides becoming completely juvenile, the time has come for Mr. Sullivan to put up, or shut up. 

The selective process of who can hear the recording and who cannot, and even further in some cases, who can hear selected versions versus the entire recording stands against the very nature of any kind of ‘journalism’ ground Mr. Sullivan seeks to stand on. While Mr. Sullivan certainly does, at times, stand firm to hold conservatives accountable, this is not his finest moment. He has left most grassroots to scramble between hearsay and emotion with little facts in evidence. If we are to expect the party to work bottom up, as we claim, how are precinct chairs and others to make determinations on resolutions or censures while he keeps the entire encounter shrouded in secrecy?

If Mr. Sullivan, wants to portray himself as a champion of the grassroots, he needs to release the recording immediately. Up to this point, his actions have done nothing to resolve this issue among party delegates and precinct chairs, but, in fact, has only made the situation indefinitely worse. However, political gamesmanship appears to be a larger driving factor for Mr. Sullivan.    

So, Mr Sullivan, great political game, here’s your pat on the back. Now, it’s time to call it done and let the citizens of Texas, and the grassroots of the party take it from here. #ReleaseTheRecording

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