Liberty Events in Texas

This is an important year for change in the political landscape of Texas. Liberty Republican candidates are challenging incumbents all over the state on a platform of limited government and individual liberty, rejecting the big government establishment and setting a new standard for Republican politics in Texas.

The mnost important race in the state is probably the effort to unseat two-decade incumbent Lamar Smith in Congressional District 21. Smith has become rich and powerful in his many years in office and has been one of the biggest spenders and worst enemies of liberty in Washington. Smith has authored a full library of bills which have shredded the Bill of Rights. He authored REAL ID, the PATRIOT Act and SOPA. As Chairman of the powerful Judiciary Committee he has killed legislation which would protect individual liberty and limit the power of federal agendies like the EPA, TSA and DEA.

Voters in Smith’s district were so fed up with him that they went out and found a real Republican candidate who could beat him despite his power and influence. Richard Mack is a former sheriff who is anationally known spokesman for gun rights, state sovereignty and individual liberty. He has the reputation to draw support from all over the country in his effort to defeat one of the worstbig government incumbents in Congress. Sheriff Mack will help lead the Republican Party back to its fundamental principles of less government and more freedom. You can find more information on his campaign at

If you can get to Central Texas this Sunday there’s a special opportunity to meet Sheriff Mack at an open event in San Marcos.

Meet Sjheriff Mack

Sunday, March 4th, 5:30pm

SMPD Auditorium at 2300 South IH-35

San Marcos, TX

This event is sponsored by the San Marcos Area Republican Texans Group and you can find more information on their website at

If you can’t make it to San Marcos, we are spponsoring a Texas Liberty Tour series of events with dozens of Liberty Republican candidates from all over the state. The first will be in College Station on March 24th with Rep. David Simpson and Senatorial candidate Ted Cruz as featured speakers. After that we’ll have events in Austin, Dallas and Houston in April and May. For more information keep an eye on our website at A wave of change is sweeping Texas and the nation, restoring the Republican Party and reclaiming our republic by electing principled new leaders and sweepoing out the tired hacks of the establishment. Please koin us in supporting this movemeent for real change.