Liberty County GOP Shows Strong Growth

Last evening the Republican Party of Liberty County held their quarterly meeting.

I must say, I was impressed. This was not the party that I and this group joined 3-4 years ago. Back then, you were lucky to see 8-10 people and the average age of 70. There was no effort to outreach to the community. There was no website or any communication to the county of events or meetings but the bare minimum. Over half the precinct chairs sat empty with no desire to fill them. At times one wondered if there ever would be more than a social club for a party here.

Tonight, there was a sign in table, with nametags for precinct chairmen. There was standing room only. There was a great age range of attendees. They are electronically tracking their attendance now. There was a new copy of the local party proposed by laws for everyone in attendance. There was a full booking of speakers from Brian Babin to Senator Nichols. Mr. Otto, to no surprise, was not present.

The party presented their work on the bylaws which was impressive.  They named several committees from membership to precinct chair scouting. They seated someone for a heavier online presence who was well qualified to do so. They sat the new board and I very happy to see Klint Bush was sat as a Vice Chairman. In my opinion, Klint has always seen the need for a stronger party presence and been one of the most active members, welcoming all republicans and groups.  I think this was the best decision of Ken Coleman in all of this.

In general, Liberty County showed a real, functioning party last evening. For that, I couldn’t be prouder for these folks. When we, this chapter, got together a few years back, this was truly one of our goals. We wanted to see this party defend the deep red majority they fought so hard to get and not lose it from stagnation and inaction. Last night proved it could be done. I wish them all the best in continuing this trend. As always, I and this chapter, are always here to assist.