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As the Republican Party of Texas State Convention draws closer, it’s time for you to have a direct impact on the direction of our party. Many argue of when, where and how are the appropriate times to speak on party issues. The time for this is clearly at Convention. This is the time for the freedom of ideas and conversations to occur where we agree and disagree and move forward. Truly, it is a time Republicans come together and set the agenda, rules and visions for the next two years. Don’t agree with something in the platform? Is it missing an issue that you feel is important? Here’s your chance to impact it. It’s your time to speak to committees, elect leadership, and make the case for the advancements of Liberty for all Texans. Just one or a few people can make a huge difference. We have seen a dedicated team of merely three people make huge advancements in our platform at times. Never underestimate the power of the Individual. 

Be sure you attend your Precinct Conventions, your County/SD Conventions, and finally, your State Convention. 

At each of these stages are the chance for you to submit resolutions to be considered to become planks in the Republican Party of Texas Platform. 

We also have included details of the process, how to attend, and be active. We strongly encourage you to visit The Republican Party of Texas website, which not only provides much of the information we do, but also has delegate training videos. 

Precinct Conventions:

County/SD Conventions:

As we do each Convention season, the RLCTX works with its allies across the Sate on what issues are important to some in the grassroots and we publish a number of those resolutions. The ability to get a resolution passed at a number of County Party Conventions over just one is invaluable. The RLCTX is always proud to give these resolutions a Statewide stage for many Republican Delegates to chose to bring forward or not.

Did we miss one? We encourage you to look at these. Use them as a guide, write and submit your own, on your own issues at your local Conventions.   

Lastly, as always, these are here for anyone to use at convention. This is not a mandate. This is not a requirement. You may take one, three, all, or none of these and bring them forward in your area. 


Don’t forget to add the RLC Facebook Frame to your photo. Be a Liberty Delegate! Here

Don’t forget to fill out our delegate survey and let us know what issues you’d like to see discussed at Convention. Here


Resolutions attached below!

RLCTX Res 2018


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