I’m For Liberty! I Vote! I Organize!

‘I’m for Liberty! I vote! I organize!’  It may very well be our call to the Republican Party of Texas State Convention this year.  You can also grab your very own Facebook frame with this slogan that shows your support for Liberty Republicans.

The RLCTX jumped ahead of the game last week  with our article that  clearly outlined that there would be an Establishment push to oust Chairman Dickey, and so it has revealed itself as truered.org.  It’s also likely why Liberty Republicans were mentioned in an article about censure there as well.  Clearly, the results  of allowing the SREC to operate as intended, free debate & letting votes lay where they fall,  are too much for some.   

We’d like to explain truered.org using Jeremy Blosser’s words,  which say it best. – “The “news” (by which I mean editorials) they choose to share makes it clear they’re the crowd that is opposed to Chairman Dickey’s model of allowing people to debate without hands on the scales and letting the votes land where they may–the group that says the Party has been co-opted and is being driven in an unrepresentative direction when they lose those fair votes, despite what things like statewide polls of voting Republicans tell us.”

They do also share one article about immigration and border security, in an obvious attempt to portray themselves as the champion of the crowd who is focused on that issue, even though in practice their primary concern is always just “elect all Republicans and then defend whatever they do or don’t do in office”.








We, again, stress the importance to Grassroots Republicans of all wings of our party the need to become a delegate this session.


 We’ve always been able to out-organize the Establishment. Let’s continue that tradition.


To Do’s:

  1. Fill out our delegate sign up form (http://rlctexas.net/social-media/2018-rpt-state-convention-survey/) so we can help keep James Dickey as our chairman, and allow the Grassroots voices in our party to survive.  This action will help us to know how many delegates are planning to attend,  and the level of support  we have. 
  2. Get your RLCTX frame. “I’m for Liberty! I vote! I organize!” It can be found on many of our Facebook pages, or here.
  3. Stay updated as we will send out delegate training information and resolutions soon.
  4. Attend your Precinct, County/SD, and State Conventions!


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