How do we get more people involved locally?


How do we get more people involved locally in politics?

Some liberty folks don’t know how to get involved or how to be effective if they do. The local Republican party can be intimidating, and many feel marginalized when they try to help. To those, I say – join us! Together we can do more than each of us alone can accomplish. Others tried, grew discouraged, and quit. To them I say – come back! We need you.

The absence of liberty-minded people in politics creates a problem. We are seen as scarce, or a minority, instead of averse to participating in the status quo. The infighting and daily one-upping of local politics deters more people from participating, especially those of us with a liberty bend. All we want is to be left alone and to leave others alone – as long as they are not infringing on the rights of others. 

“Politics ought to be the part-time profession of every citizen who would protect the rights and privileges of free people and who would preserve what is good and fruitful in our national heritage,” Dwight D. Eisenhower said. Instead too many sit back and let people who seek prestige control the system.

This disinclination to dirty our hands in local politics leads to things like zero liberty candidates, a complete disregard for the Constitution, and in some cases, no Republican candidate at all to oppose the statist ones fielded by the Democrats. Yes, I know sometimes the Republican candidate can be just as statist! That’s another reason we, the liberty wing, need to be involved. Candidates tend to reflect the atmosphere of the party. If we are not actively involved, reminding them that the Constitution should be the guiding document above all else, than we are enabling this decline in freedom.

I meant to write this to say I need you to join in the fight for our freedoms. We need you. The country needs you. Our children and grandchildren need you. Is it sometimes unpleasant? Yes. Is it sometimes trite and seemingly inane? Yes. It is also always things that need to be done and that take time and perseverance. It is mostly thankless work and the exact opposite of prestigious. I cannot offer you money, positions of power, or swag. All I can offer is the companionship of like-minded people who will work with you. Is it enough?


Join Us…

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