Houston RLC hosts forum on Pro Life/Choice 


Last evening I attended the Houston RLC forum on why Liberty Republicans should be Pro Life or Pro Choice. It was an excellent location and a huge turnout. And, the biggest plus was the civility that the group was able to achieve in the discussion. 

The moderator was Rep. Sarah Davis, a Republican widely known for voting against party lines on the most recent TX abortion bill. 
Emily Kebodeaux represented TX Right To Life, and  Heather Busby represented NARAL Pro-Choice Texas.

The forum allowed both sides to make a general presentation on why a Liberty Republican should be Pro Life or Pro Choice respectively. After the initial presentations the forum flowed with each side questioning the other on statements made in the presentation. Lastly, the audience was allowed to ask questions. The discussion was civil. I cannot stress enough how great it was to accomplish this. It is rarely seen in such a hot issue with very hard emotions on both sides. 

In attendance and given speaking time as well, for their campaigns,  were District Clerk Chris Daniels, Candidate for Harris County Republican Party Chairman Paul Simpson and Anthony Magdaleno candidate for Family Court Judge.

The Houston RLC has proved itself to be a growing force in Houston’s political scene and will only continue to grow as the thirst for Liberty minded officials grows in the Republican Party. I highly recommend the group for any readers in the Houston area. Their Facebook page is located here: www.facebook.com/groups/HoustonRLC/