Hardin County Republican factions Forum

Last evening I attended the forum event hosted by the Hardin County Republican Women and the Hardin County Republican Party. It was the first forum independent of the forums that Ross Ward, Vice Chairman of the RLC of CD 36, had started last year in Houston and that the local RLC had picked up and started spreading through the district. The event was quite full, possibly one of the largest yet. I was very impressed with the way the event came together. The audience was quite engaged and you could feel the energy in the room.

As usual the forums show that the common beliefs of Conservatism are shared when we choose to sit down and listen to each other and shut out preconceived notions of what a Neocon, Libertarian or Socialcon  may mean. I think the audience itself found that at times the Liberty view appealed to them more than the other and vice versa.

Keith Strahan represented the Liberty Republican view. He did an excellent job, and as always, we’re proud to have him as part of our team. Personally, I feel the greatest message he may have delivered to the audience was the appeal not to shut out younger voters and Liberty voters because of the fear of the Libertarian viewpoint. I feel many have reached a point where they are willing to do that in the party, at least at the grassroots level. And they find, as we have learned ourselves, Conservatism principles are more common between both groups then they realize.  

The RLC hosts a number of these through the district and they are always a great time. if you have not been to one, I strongly suggest you attend one. If you want one in your area, please feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly help organize one.