In order to receive the endorsement of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas a candidate must be running for local, state or federal office in the Republican Party, either in the primary or general election, in the state of Texas. Candidates must meet the standards of the caucus, which means a strong commitment to the principles of limited government, individual liberty and free enterprise. Candidates for federal office must also be confirmed for endorsement by the national board. We do not generally seek out candidates to endorse. We take recommendations from our members and regional chapters and otherwise expect candidates to seek us out for endorsement. The endorsement process is simple. Candidates fill out our Candidate Survey and sign the Liberty Compact and submit them to us. Federal candidates also fill out the Federal Candidate Survey. The board then considers endorsements and may contact the candidate or campaign for additional information. Once a candidate is endorsed we will publicize that endorsement to the media and to our membership and do everything we can to help them get elected. A RLC endorsement can be tremendously valuable to a candidate, especially in primary races. The RLC can provide endorsed candidates with a signed statement explaining why the candidate should be elected. This statement can be distributed as a flyer or displayed prominently at the candidate’s website. In a primary the endorsement can ensure Republicans that the most worthy Republican candidate is the candidate who has embraced traditional Republican principles — the candidate endorsed by the RLC. In the general election an RLC endorsement’s greatest value is in telling contributors and volunteers which candidates in the state are most deserving of their money and time and that can make a huge difference in winning in November. For the many voters who share our values — and we believe that most Republicans hold liberty and small government close to their hearts — the RLC is a brand name which stands for the core values of the GOP and having the endorsement of the RLC immediately lets voters know that a candidate is one of the best which our party has to offer. 


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