Through open records requests, the RLC of Liberty County has learned that the push to pass the DISD $87 million dollar bond is over 65% funded by a major architecture firm in Houston. PBK is a firm that specializes in school design and building throughout the state. PBK gave $2,000.00 of the total $3,000.00 given to the PAC that is pushing for a yes vote on the bond.

Beyond the fact that PBK has given over $2,000.00 to the local say yes effort, is the company’s track record through the state. From Katy and ethics charges to Allen Stadium that had a price tag of over $65 million dollars that had to close for public safety, this company should cause citizens of Dayton pause. PBK has caused issues and increases in ISD bond costs throughout the state.

The Vote No group, funded by the RLC, stated an opinion yesterday:

“Our community should know who is really pushing the bond.

The largest contributor to the say YES campaign is a company called PBK (http://www.pbk.com/). They have given at least $2000.00 to the “say yes” campaign.

Why is this important? PBK is a large architecture firm in Texas–with offices in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio–specializing in building and planning schools statewide. The main funding partner will likely profit from said bond. Surprising? Not really.

It is ironic how local community members supporting this massive debt have gone out of their way to personally attack those who are against this bond debt. Some going so far as stating that we who are against this bond debt are “not from this community” or “have no interests here in Dayton”. Those statements are not true, yet; it turns out that all the grandstanding was layered with hypocrisy, taking a massive donation from a huge architectural firm that has an interest in profiting from money taken from citizens to build structures they do not need.

It’s for “the kids”, right? No, just another corporation benefiting from the enslavement of taxpayers.

For the future of your children, vote NO.”

Bob Edwards and others should be ashamed of their tactics of pushing this bond on the ISD and making it appear as if local citizens are flocking toward a yes. In reality beyond themselves and PBK, no one has really given them funding.

On the other hand, the local RLC has collected every penny spent  from local residents only.

The campaign report is attached here for review.