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As many of you already know, the national RLC board has scheduled a special convention in February to address rule changes regarding delegate apportionment. There is currently only one plan being considered and this plan would result in most states having very small delegations of 3 or 4 delegates and a total delegate count of fewer than 50 state delegates. This proposal discourages attendance at the national convention because it produces so few delegates and substantially increases the power of ex officio delegates. In addition the formula used in the proposal will need to be revised every two years.

To address the flaws in this proposal we offer the following alternative proposal for consideration at the special convention. It produces a larger delegate count for each state, reduces the importance of ex officio delegates and does not require periodic revision of the delegate allocation formula.

To get the petition on the agenda we just need enough member signatures on this petition. Please add yours if you are a current RLC member.

Proposal for Delegate Apportionment

The undersigned members in good standing of the Republican Liberty Caucus hereby petition that Article VI, Section 3 of the RLC National Bylaws be amended to read as follows:

Section 3. Each chartered state shall be entitled to be represented at the national RLC convention by a number of delegates based on the number of Regular Members who reside in that state.

90 days prior to the national convention, the Secretary shall determine the number of delegates assigned to each state by dividing the total national membership of the RLC by 100 and then dividing that result into the number of Regular Members in each state, rounded up and plus one. Each state Charter may also appoint any number of alternate delegates who may serve in place of absent delegates from their state at the discretion of the convention Chairman.

All delegates and alternate delegates shall be selected by whatever rules their state Charter shall determine and certified as delegates by the chairs of their Charters. Any Regular Member certified by the Treasurer as having paid current dues at least thirty days prior to the convention shall be qualified to be appointed as a delegate or alternate delegate. Alternate delegates will be eligible to serve in place of absent delegates in an order determined by their state chapter when they are appointed.

In addition, each national officer, regional director, and at-large director of the Caucus; the chair of each Charter or his or her designee; and the coordinator of each non-chartered state or his or her designee may serve as an ex officio Delegate; these ex officio Delegates shall not be counted against the number of delegates to which each Charter is entitled.

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