Convention Time….quick bits

The TXGOP convention started today with temporary committees and such. The majority will arrive Wednesday or Thursday as permanent committees are set and votes begin. 

Also, the RLCTX will be holding it’s state convention on Saturday at the Omni in Ft. Worth at 4PM. All PAID and CURRENT RLCTX/ RLCCD36 members can vote. Anyone can of course come.  

The RLCTX is also having a BBQ dinner on Thursday evening 7PM at Riscky’s. 

Saturday, June 7th 8:30 AM the RLCTX is having a breakfast with Senator Rand Paul. This event is sold out, so if you don’t have tickets, there is no more seats. 

Also, the RLCCD36, along with the RLC Bay Area-Houston and Houston RLC are hosting a private get together with liberty minded republicans and groups on Friday evening at the Omni. 

Here are the links to the events mentioned above: 
BBQ for Liberty
RLCTX State Convention
Breakfast with Rand Paul
RLCCD36/Houston Party

Lastly, this caucus urges all delegates in SD 3 to consider their vote for SREC Committeeman carefully. Ross Ward will be running, from Liberty County, as well as Jonathan Covey from Orange County. Both men as great examples of the new Republican Leaders from the current generation. This caucus thinks both of these fine gentleman will do a far greater job, with more energy and enthusiasm than the current chair.