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Let’s Talk About Indebtedness

September 15, 2015 Jeff LeBlanc 0

Opinion/Editorial: Car loans, student loans, mortgage payments, credit card debt, these are all things almost every American household juggles each month to pay. Very few of us live without some form of indebtedness, and we most likely all know at leas…

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How do we get more people involved locally?

April 19, 2015 Jeff LeBlanc 0

Opinion/Editorial: How do we get more people involved locally in politics?
Some liberty folks don’t know how to get involved or how to be effective if they do. The local Republican party can be intimidating, and many feel marginalized when they …


The Texas Legislature is currently in full swing. Today the Texas House voted on HB80. House Bill 80 highlights a problem that extends far beyond the text of the proposed law. HB80 is a bill that seeks to criminalize using a cell phone to “text, email, instant message, or other form of electronic data retrieval or electronic data communication.”  Proponents of this bill advocate for it in the name of safety. Who would be opposed to safety? I believe seeking out the safety of others i […]

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An RLC Solution on Immigration

September 15, 2014 admin 0

Republican Liberty Caucus Recommends Sensible, Free Market Immigration Reform America was built on immigration.  Immigration has been good for the country and should be part of a positive plan for […]